Women's Intimacy Group

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Are you constantly fighting with your partner? Do you have trouble connecting with new people? Have you lost touch with the important people in your life? Are you having issues in the bedroom? Are you afraid of your partner leaving you? Do you tend to overthink everything? If you have asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone. A lot of women struggle with the issues above. Our 8-Week Women’s Group will be able to provide you with increased clarity on these issues. We will explore WHY these are the issues you experience and how to DEAL with these problems. Here’s a few things you will gain from this group: Communication Skills, Relational Skills, Coping Skills, Support, Accountability, Emotional Regulation, Boundaries

Group will be held once a week. Start date/time will be dependent on interest and are TBD. If you are interested, please contact Del Soul at the number below for more information. Phone: (623) 414-3954